Coca-Cola South Pacific launches new ice tea line

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 10th February 2016

Fuze TeaCoca-Cola South Pacific is now selling a new line of ice tea in Australia called Fuze Tea.


Described as an “aspirational iced tea offering” it will be positioned as a premium product within the ice tea category.


The range consists of five flavours including Wild Raspberry and Hibiscus, Summer Mango and Chamomile, Juicy Peach, Crisp Apple and Lemongrass and Zesty Lemon. A mixture of black, green and rooibos teas are used to create the teas. Three of the five variants are low kilojoule and are sweetened with stevia.


Fuze Tea will primarily target the adult social occasion with a focus on capturing the attention of women in the 18-49 age bracket.


The launch of the drink is backed by a multi-million dollar marketing strategy. In the coming months, the Coca-Cola South Pacific will launch a series of marketing initiatives including a television commercial, out-of-home advertising, PR and digital activity.


Brand Manager for Fuze Tea, Emma Harper, said Coca-Cola South Pacific genuinely believed the beverage was a new offering within the ice tea category.


Fuze Tea is available for purchase now in 350ml and 1.25L bottles at grocery and petrol stations across Australia. The low kilojoule verities are available from McDonalds and Hungry Jacks.