Fonterra new long-lasting fresh milk in ‘Anchor’ launch

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 15th February 2016

AnchorFonterra is now selling fresh milk in Victoria under its Anchor brand that it says “lasts up to 40 per cent longer.”


Using new microfiltration technology, Fonterra states that this extra step in pasteurising the milk reduces the bacteria which causes spoilage. It does this by pushing the milk through a special ceramic filter, creating milk which has a 21 day shelf life. Normal pasteurised milk has a shelf life of 15 days.



Fonterra says no additives and preservatives haven been placed in the milk to increase its shelf life.



“Anchor is clean on the palette and has distinctly no after-taste – even after a week or two in the fridge,” said Kiril Simonovski, Director of Marketing at Fonterra.



CSIRO Food Manufacturing Leader, Darren Gardiner, said microfiltration had been received well in other parts of the world.



“While we’re all familiar with the concept of filtration when it comes to water and coffee, the additional step of filtering out the unwanted bacteria in milk before pasteurisation is a major development in fresh milk,” Gardiner said.



Fonterra introduced Anchor branded cream into Woolworths supermarkets in December 2015. The brand originates from New Zealand but its Australian sold milk will be from Australia and produced at Fonterra’s new Cobden plant located in South West Victoria.



Anchor Finely Filtered Whole Milk is available in 500mL, recommended retail price AUD$1.49, 1L, recommended retail price AUD$2.49, 2L, recommended retail price, AUD$3.29, bottles. Anchor Finely Filtered Light Milk is available in 1L, recommended retail price, AUD$2.69 and 2L bottles, recommended retail price, AUD$3.49.