Allen’s Lollies opens Melbourne shop for Christmas

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 20th November 2017

An Allen’s Lollies store has been opened in Melbourne to provide gifts for the 2017 festive season.

Located in Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, the ‘Allen’s Lollysmiths’ store allows customers to pick ‘n’ mix their own combination of Allen’s lollies. The lollies will then be placed in a customisable lolly jar.

Allen’s green frogs, which only recently returned to supermarket shelves thanks to customer demand, will be available at the store. Killer Pythons, a snake lolly that marks its 40th birthday in 2017, will also be available.

The Allen’s Lollysmith store was first opened for Christmas only in Sydney in 2016. Sydney will be getting another store for the 2017 Christmas period.

The Melbourne Allen’s Lollysmith is located in front of the Kit Kat Chocolatory in Melbourne and is open now until 24 December 2017.

Both Allen’s and Kit Kat are Nestle brands.


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