Allen’s Lollies releases “one piece, one portion lollies”

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 27th April 2016

Allen’s is now selling “one piece, one portion” lollies in Australian supermarkets.

Different to the usual lollies found in supermarkets, the ‘Sea Stretchies’ and ‘Jungle Stretchies’ packets state on the front side that ‘one piece equals one portion’. The writing is prominently placed in the middle of the packet in bold, colourful font.

The lollies are larger than an Allen’s regular offerings and are promoted as containing no artificial colours.

All about red

At the same time, Allen’s is releasing its “All about red” packet containing red coloured confectionery only.

All about red is sold in Coles supermarkets exclusively and the packets contain snakes, frogs, raspberries and jelly babies.

Peaches and Cream now in Woolworths

Woolworths has its own exclusive Allen’s product, Peaches and Cream.

Usually only found in mixed bags, the Peaches and Cream lolly was voted to “go solo” in a February Allen’s Lollies competition.

Nestle Australia owns the Allen’s Lollies brand.