Cheese purchases on the decline, Roy Morgan Research

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 1st August 2016

Australians are buying less cheese says Roy Morgan Research.

According to a new study conducted by Roy Morgan Research, in an average four weeks, 63.9 per cent of Australian adult grocery buyers purchased block cheese, 36.9 per cent brought grated cheese, 37.5 per cent brought sliced cheese, 15.4 per cent brought creamed cheese or cheese spreads and 9.8 per cent purchased cheese snacks or portions. All of these figures are lower than when Roy Morgan last surveyed consumers on their cheese purchasing habits it 2012.

Despite the decline, Roy Morgan Research found that those who purchase either crackers or wine regularly are far more likely to also purchase cheese.

Who’s the cheesiest of all them all? Australia’s cheese buyers

Cheese Graph









Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), April 2015-March 2016, n=14,380


Consumer brand preference

When it comes to block cheese, consumers prefer private labelled products, followed by Bega, Coon, Mainland and Mersey Valley.

When it comes to cheese snacks and portions, the majority of Australians prefer Laughing Cow. Wine purchasers prefer Castello.

Group Account Director at Roy Morgan Research, Angela Smith, said because of the drop in cheese sales, it is important for cheese producers to understand which grocery buyers are most likely to buy their product.

“Cheese is famous for its compatibility with wine, as well as being a fine match with savoury biscuits/crackers, and the latest Roy Morgan data certainly bears this out,” Smith said.

“People who buy wine, and those who buy crackers, are indeed more likely to purchase cheese than the average grocery-buyer,” she stated.