Coca-Cola releases new Lift formulation just for Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 21st September 2016

Coca-Cola South Pacific has changed the formulation of its Lift lemon flavoured soft drink.

The beverage has also been given a new name, ‘Lift Hard Hitting Lemon’, with Coke saying it helps communicate the new recipe has a sharper taste and more bite. The new formulation contains 8.4gms of sugar per every 100ml.

The new Lift is made specifically for the Australian market and will be primarily marketed at men aged 35 and above.

A multi-million-dollar marketing campaign will help launch the drink along with partnerships with the AFL and Triple M radio. Samples will be offered at upcoming major sporting games including the AFL grand final.

Brand Manager of Lift, Ramona Spiteri, said the launch of Lift Hard Hitting Lemon provides an opportunity to grow the soft drink category in Australia.

“We have conducted research into consumer tastes and attitudes and we’re confident that we have formulated a product that will drive wider appeal to Lemon consumers and beyond,” Spiteri said.

Lift Hard Hitting Lemon is available in a variety of packaging sizes ranging from 250ml to 2 litre. It will be available at supermarkets, convenience and petrol stores.