You can now get farmers’ market produce without leaving your house

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 16th January 2017

Andrew and Lena Greig from The Larder Door

Those who like farmers’ market produce but don’t want to get up early on their weekends can rejoice thanks to a new online grocery delivery service.

‘The Larder Door’ was launched in late 2016 by Lena and Andrew Greig who had the idea of gathering together Australia’s best artisan food from farmers’ markets and offering it in the one convenient online spot.

Lena and Andrew say they know firsthand how time consuming it can be to find artisan products.

“We will go a long way for a good market, because we believe that good food, locally sourced and made with love, honestly tastes better,” said Lena.

“We know we’re not alone in that belief because there are new markets popping up around this beautiful country.”

Visitors to The Larder Door website can either choose their own produce or indulge in a taster box compiled by Lena and Andrew.

All food sold on the site must meet an ethical and micro-producers criteria set out by The Larder Door team.

“Most of our producers have a presence at a couple of markets in their local areas and some also have online stores, but none of them are available in large chain stores,” said Lena.

“One thing they all have in common is that they put their hearts and souls into making the best products you can get. They also taste absolutely incredible!”


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