Freedom Foods strikes big China deal

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 30th January 2017

Freedom Foods has entered into a strategic partnership with Chinese oat based cereal and foods brands manufacturer, Seamild.

The partnership will see Freedom Foods expand the range of Seamild branded oat based cereal products sourced directly from Australia. This will include value added oat cereals, oat cluster and oat based snacking products which will launch in Chin later in 2017.

Freedom Foods and Seamild said they will also be looking into expanding their collaboration for marketing and distributing Freedom Food branded products in China, along with considering other strategic linkages.

In making the announcement, Freedom Foods described Seamild as “China’s most respected and leading oat based cereal and foods brands owner and manufacturer”.

“The agreement with Seamild is further recognition by a leading Chinese food and beverage group of Freedom Foods’ unique sourcing, manufacturing and innovation capabilities in its expanding cereal, as well as dairy and plant based beverage operations,” Freedom Foods said.

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