Funch looks to punch into Australian health food market

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 26th July 2017

Australian snack company, Funch, is looking to expand its market share and is making a number of changes to help do so.

First launched in 2014 by Tanya Duncan and Lisa Bourne, Funch sells different health-focused pre-mixes through IGA, Foodworks, Foodland and other independent stockists. Funch also supplies commercial servings of its mixes to food service providers.

To help expand, Funch has overhauled its packaging, update product recipes, changed flavour names and added a number of new products.

Funch’s new products include Luxe Honeycomb Balls, Luxe Chocolate Balls, Breakfast Cookie – Whole Oats and Seeds and its first non-snack product; 4 Seed Mix. The 4 Seed Mix is a blend of four different seeds that can be added to smoothies, used in baking or as a salad or yoghurt topper.

Funch Co-Founder, Tanya Duncan, says Funch aims to make snack food easy, convenient and affordable.

“Healthy snack foods have been out of reach for many people because of the high cost of ingredients, the time it takes to prepare snacks at home from scratch and the stark lack of suitable options on supermarket shelves,” Duncan said.

“Funch,is turning the health food industry upside down.”


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