Farmers Union gets temporary rebrand

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 14th August 2017

Nova radio host and Farmers Union spokesperson, Dylan Lewis, and his children

Farmers Union Iced Coffee will be rebranding, but only for a limited-time.

For the first time, Lion’s Farmers Union will temporarily change its name to Fathers Union as part of a Father’s Day marketing campaign.

Instead of printing Farmers Union on milk cartons Fathers Union will appear, along with four new packaging designs with the phrases No.1 Dad, Total Legend, Big Fella and The Boss.

Lion Dairy and Drinks’ Marketing and Innovation Director, Darry Wallace, said Fathers Union will be launching exclusively in South Australia where Farmers Union was founded and its products still manufactured today.

“Fathers Union Iced Coffee is launching exclusively in South Australia, the state in which the iconic drink was created back in 1977, to show our appreciation for, and celebrate, some of our most loyal fans who make Farmers Union Iced Coffee the icon it is today,” he said.

Lion reports that in South Australia, Farmers Union Iced Coffee almost outsells Coca-Cola 2:1.

The limited-edition Fathers Union Iced Coffee cartons are available now South Australia in 600ml servings. Both original and strong variants included in the Fathers Union rebrand.


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