Peters and Arnott’s partner again for Jatz inspired Drumstick

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 8th January 2018

Peters and Arnott’s have collaborated to release a limited-edition Drumstick called ‘Sweet and Salty Cracker Ice Cream inspired by Jatz Biscuits’.

Launching in January 2018, the Drumstick includes salty cracker pieces and golden syrup on top.

The collaboration comes after Peters and Arnott’s previously collaborated for a Arnott’s biscuit inspired range featuring Wagon Wheels, Mint Slice, Iced VoVo and Caramel Crowns.

Peters Head of Marketing, Alicia Munday, said she is excited to bring together two much-loved Australian brands.

“The new flavour also taps into the sweet and salty trend that is hugely popular among Millennials,” Munday said.

Drumstick Sweet and Salty Cracker inspired by Jatz is available from Coles Express and from Coles, Woolworths and Independent supermarkets. The recommended retail price is AUD $4.20 for an individual ice cream and AUD $8.00 for a four pack.

Alongside the limited edition Jatz inspired Drumstick a new permanent Drumstick flavour is being released, Raspberry White Choc.

Raspberry White Choc will be available from Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets in multi-packs of four with a recommended retail price of AUD $8.00.


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