Domino’s now selling sandwiches

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 5th February 2018

Domino's new oven-baked sandwiches

Domino’s Australia has added oven-baked sandwiches to its menu.

The sandwiches are the latest in a line of new items recently added to the Domino’s menu as the chain attempts to be known for more than just pizza.

Domino’s sandwiches will be handmade and made to order. Flavour varieties include crispy bacon and sausage, crispy chicken and slaw and chicken, bacon and avocado.

It is not the first time Domino’s has sold oven-baked sandwiches in Australia, with the fast food retailer first trying and failing nearly a decade ago.

At the time, customers said the sandwiches were not up to standard, but Domino’s CEO, Nick Knight, says a lot of changes have be made since then.

“Last time we added oven baked sandwiches to the menu, the feedback from customers was that they were too hard and crispy,” Knight said.

“That’s why we have been working on our new range for about six months to make sure we get them just right.

“This time around, we are using a ciabatta that is light, fluffy and soft in the middle, while still having a delicious outer crust.

“We have also done extensive research and online testing to make sure we are using flavours we know our customers will love.”

Domino’s adds ‘King-Size’ pizzas to menu

At the same time as launching its new sandwich range, Domino’s has added to its menu new ‘King Size’ pizza options, chicken tenders and two new sundae flavours.

In 2017, Domino’s said it would be adding a number of new menu items in the near future including ice cream, shakes and more. Domino’s said it was part of plans to be known more than just pizzas.


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