Mast Chew – The organic chewing gum with natural gum

Brought to you by Mast Chew on 20th February 2018

Mast Chew is a plant based and sugar free chewing gum made in Australia using organic and natural ingredients. The Chewing gum is sweetened with xylitol and flavoured with 100% essential spearmint oil (with other flavours to come). The gum base is extracted from various species of Pistacia trees. This makes Mast Chew an environmentally friendly product that is biodegradable and free from petrochemicals.

Mast Chew is a premium product with excellent up-sell opportunity. It is available in bottles of 75 grams and blister packs of 16 pieces.

Bottle Boxes contain 6 x 75 grams bottles, including pop-up point of sale packaging.

Blister Boxes contain 6 x 16 piece packets. Each packet contains 2 x 8 piece blister packs. Pop-up point of sale packaging is also included. Thanks to the slim line packaging, each piece is individually sealed for maximum freshness.

Our Chewing Gum appeals to a wide range of consumers who are increasingly demanding healthy and environmentally friendly alternatives. Our product is distinctively unique in concept, texture and flavour. The Pistacia gum base has been extensively studied and shown to exhibit antimicrobial properties which offers health benefits in the form of traditional medicine. Historically, trunk exudates of Pistacia lentiscus and other species, particularly atlantica have been used for the treatment of;

  • stomach ulcers
  • abdominal pain
  • heartburn
  • gastric and intestinal ulcers.