Disrupting the delivery service disrupters, can it be done?

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 18th July 2018

HOW could a business possibly squeeze into the delivery service sector, carving out a market from the likes of UberEATS, Deliveroo and Menulog. Surely you’ve missed the boat.

Well, not according to the pair behind Drive Yello, digital expert Steve Fanale and hospitality, retail business brain Johnny Timbs.

Drive Yello says it is is a B2B driver management and logistics platform supported by a community of qualified, vetted and rated drivers.

The Yello platform makes it easy to inform customers of delivery status, manage their own driver teams and riders or book delivery personnel from the market place for a shift or single delivery, the blurb says.

Drive Yello founder, Steve Fanale

But what’s the real story? Australian Food News spoke to Mr Fanale.

How much scope is there for new entrants to the food delivery market?

Within the food delivery market there is plenty of scope for businesses by offering a different model to their competitors. The Yello Platform allows us to help businesses provide a delivery service, to their customers, without depending on third parties such as UberEATS, Deliveroo and Menulog that ask for high commissions. Drive Yello not only allows businesses to maintain their direct relationship with their customers but also allows them to recoup the delivery fee paid by consumers, reducing the overall cost of delivery.

How does Drive Yello differentiate itself from competitors?

Drive Yello understands that each business has different requirements so it doesn’t offer just one last mile delivery solution it specialises in providing a range of options to its customers, such as:

  • The Yello Platform, allowing businesses to manage their own driver teams, improve the efficiency of deliveries, reduce costs and track orders all in one place on desktop or through the Drive Yello app.
  • Booking drivers and riders for shifts by posting to the Drive Yello Marketplace, engaging couriers to work exclusively for your business for a minimum of three hours. Perfect for busy nights.
  • The on-demand Yello Delivery service for one-off delivery requirements.

How can Drive Yello compete and secure a market share in this field?

The Drive Yello business model is designed to help food businesses maintain their relationship with customers by not handing the contact over to a third party, on top of this it also reduces the cost of delivery, meaning that Drive Yello not only competes to secure market share within the delivery category but also helps its customers do the same within their industry.

What are the barriers to success? And how is Drive Yello tackling this?

Getting customers on board can be a slow process and the need for delivery management is often undervalued. To combat this challenge, Drive Yello is streamlining the on-boarding process and enhancing its training and business intelligence to ensure businesses can quickly get started and see the value Drive Yello can add to their business.

What is the one take-way bit of advice or an insight that you would give to our readers in order to help with their business?

In this crowded market data is the key to success. The Yello Platform can provide valuable data and insights, to help businesses improve delivery efficiency, inform customers of their order status and provide a professional service that stands out from others – to increase loyalty and positive word of mouth.

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