Monash Food Innovation Centre completes integration with Monash University

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 8th April 2019

In June 2016, the Monash Food Innovation Centre (MFIC) transitioned from Mondelez International to Monash University. Since then the Centre has helped a large number of Food and Beverage businesses to innovate for growth. As of April 2019, the Monash Food Innovation Centre has been fully embedded within Monash University and has announced a new focus on sustainable food and land systems.

To transition Australia to a sustainable food and to continue to progress Australia’s food industry, Monash University has now committed to co-creating and applying research, innovation and education excellence to respond to the global challenges within this field.

To support this new focus, Monash University has announced plans to expand Monash Food Innovation to develop the next generation of sustainable food ecosystems with global connectivity. This expansion embeds the MFIC with a renewed commitment to bring together Monash University’s interdisciplinary capabilities to consider and resolve global challenges in food and agribusiness.

The future focus is to continue to engage with food and agri-business network partners to deliver impact across a broader scope of projects and initiatives, including:

  • Providing access to high quality food innovation services and support to explore and validate food related product or service offerings from concept stage to market execution with network partners.
  • Working with industry and farmers to transform food waste into profit by researching the potential opportunity and market value of food by-products.
  • Helping the dairy and food industry explore the next frontiers in the manufacturing of new products, efficient distribution and sustainable resource use via the Monash led Food and Dairy Graduate Research Interdisciplinary Program (GRIP).
  • Supporting strategic science, technology and innovation collaboration of mutual benefit to Australia and China via the Australia-China Joint Research Centre in Future Dairy Manufacturing.
  • Improving the sustainability of global food systems by applying research excellence in the field of AgTech, focusing on three key thematic areas of 1) Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Simulation 2) Robotics and Automation 3) Sustainability and Ecosystem Health (including human health through food).
  • Developing future talent for the Food and Agricultural sector with the launch of the Master of Food and Agribusiness in 2020.

Monash Food Innovation will provide further updates about the new moves as they progress on its website.