Why Choosing olive products is a good step to a healthier heart

Posted by Media Release Agency on 15th October 2020

More than 4 million people are affected by heart conditions in Australia.1 Research continues to confirm that daily consumption of olive products as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle is key to keeping your heart healthy.

The olive super tree is nature’s ancient source of heart health. Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Leaf had been incorporated into the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years. Testament to this is the higher than average life expectancy in Mediterranean regions of the world named ‘blue zones’, such as Icaria in Greece and Sardinia in Italy.

Research continues to confirm that simple changes to diet and lifestyle you can improve your heart health and reduce your chances of more serious heart conditions. A recent study from La Trobe University found consuming Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil everyday, helped to reduce blood pressure, a key risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Another somewhat forgotten part of Mediterranean history is the regular consumption of olive leaf to help promote health. Incorporated into the diet as an extract, olive leaf has a wide variety of bioactive compounds beneficial for heart health. Research shows extra strength Olive Leaf Extract formulations can favourably modify several cardiovascular risk markers, as well as having a positive impact on cholesterol. 4,5 This research details that for an olive leaf extract to have heart health benefits it must be packed with potent olive antioxidants.

Professor Catherine Itsiopoulos, Accredited Practising Dietitian, and author of The Heart Health Guide advocates the benefits of the Mediterranean diet for heart health. “This is a diet that is a proven pathway to better heart health as much as it promotes long-term good health and wellbeing”.

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