Gastropubs taking the world by storm

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 1st April 2008

Slowly but surely the gastropub is making a name for itself. The gastropub has been growing in popularity ever since the idea was created with the opening of a pub called The Eagle in London in 1991. The term, coined from a combination of gastronomy and public house, refers to a pub with higher quality meals than your traditional pub. It allows for chefs to introduce meals at pubs which are similar to those you may find in a restaurant while also serving interesting versions of typical pub food. The consumer is provided with more options and higher quality in a setting which is more relaxed than a restaurant. Consequently, prices tend to be slightly higher than your local pub but still less than most restaurants.

The concept has become very popular in the UK while gastropub numbers are steadily building within the American hospitality industry. And now it appears that gastropubs are taking the Australian public by storm too. Pub menus are becoming more sophisticated as consumers preferences. However, there is still a place for the traditional Aussie pub

A website is vital for pubs to showcase their menu as Australians increasingly look to the internet to determine the place they would like to go to. As a hotel or pub restaurant people are now unsure exactly what is likely to be on the menu and so if they are looking for tradional pub food or gastropub alternatives they would like to know beforehand.

Please tell about your favourite gastropub in Australia…