Fonterra provide herd testing incentive

Posted by Isobel Drake on 10th July 2008

Fonterra yesterday announced an industry-first 30 per cent national incentive for herd testing.National Milk Services Manager, Heather Stacy, claimed the incentive recognised herd testing as the backbone to progressive farm management.

“We have been genuinely concerned about the gradual decline in the amount of herd testing being undertaken by farmers,” Ms Stacy said. “This incentive has been developed in partnership with our farmers and is seen as not only providing substantial cost relief but also significantly contributing to improved long-term farm productivity.”

Herd testing was believed to have been first carried out in 1909 but it has obviously come a long way since then, with on-site manual testing replaced by high-tech milk analysis laboratories.

Fonterra consider the practice to be vital as the dairy industry seeks consistent progress. “For farming practices to continuously improve, we firmly believe herd testing is crucial for the provision of information on cow selection, breeding, milk quality and feeding efficiency,” Ms Stacy added. “With more farmers undertaking herd testing, this can only improve our prospects for continued growth in long-term milk supply.”

All current and new suppliers to Fonterra will qualify for the incentive as long as the herd testing is carried out through a recognised herd testing centre.