Disgruntled former Coles employee accused of bomb plan

Posted by Editorial on 29th September 2008

A former Coles employee has been accused of planning to use home made explosives in a Coles supermarket in Sydney.

The accused, 54 year-old Andre Nord, was arrested on Saturday following the discovery of chemicals and explosives at his Woolahra unit after fire fighters were called to the scene of a fire at his place. NSW Police reported that he was charged with the “possession of explosives/articles with the intent to destroy” upon his release from St Vincent’s Hospital.

The police claim that the materials discovered, including 31 smoke bombs and gas canisters, were collated over the course of the past three months by Mr Nord with the intent of using a smoke bomb in the Bondi Junction Coles supermarket (located in the Westfield shopping centre) and subsequently burning the store to the ground. They added that Nord’s intention was to not harm anyone other than himself by carrying out the alleged plan.

Mr Nord had been a victim of an armed robbery while working at a Coles Express store and had since left the company. He was still on the payroll due to his compensation claim, but was reportedly upset as he believed his security fears had not been attended to effectively.