New resealable packaging from Coon heralds market first in cheese block segment

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 27th October 2008

This week, Coon, the iconic Australian Cheddar cheese block, launched new resealable packaging, representing a market first for the popular everyday cheese block segment. The innovation is designed to provide consumers with the functional benefits of convenience and more effective storage.

The unique double rail reseal zip helps to stop the cheese from drying out and in doing so, offers consumers a superior storage solution compared to what is currently available now for the cheese block, according to Dairy Farmers – the brand’s owner.

While the resealable pack is available for grated, shredded and shaved cheese packs, the Coon reseal packaging marks a shift for the cheese block segment, which until now has forced consumers to improvise and use their own methods to re-wrap their cheese after opening the pack.

“Consumers have been demanding greater convenience and pack functionality, so we’re proud to offer them this solution and continue to lead the way in market innovation,” John Wardley, General Manager Marketing and Innovation at Dairy Farmers, said.

The pack design, which uses durable materials to withstand ongoing handling of the cheese and also allow the cheese to be removed easily, is the first major alteration to Coon’s cheese packaging in almost 50 years.