Ethical water brand to donate all profits to clean water projects

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 14th January 2009

The bottled water industry has yet another new entrant seeking to make an impact in what has been a flourishing industry since the turn of the century; but this entrant offers differentiation never before seen in Australia – a promise to use all of their profits to assist those in need of clean water supplies.

Duncan Goose, founder of Global Ethics and the One Foundation, today joined with actors Bridie Carter and Rhys Muldoon, presenter Jennifer Adams and MTV VJ Ruby Rose to launch the product, One water, which will donate all profits to the installation of clean water projects in developing countries.

Mr Goose advised that one billion people in the world lack access to clean drinking water, with two million people dieing each year after drinking contaminated water. “By switching their usual bottled water brand to One water, Australians can now directly help eradicate water scarcity by bringing clean, safe drinking water to villages and schools in Africa and Asia,” he said.

“82% of Sydney’s bottled water drinkers would change their brand if they knew 100% of the profits were going to clean water projects,” he added, citing research commissioned by One. “That is the premise behind One water. We are not asking people to give money or trying to grow the Australian bottled water market, we are just asking current buyers to make an educated purchase and simply choose One, in the knowledge that as they drink water so does Africa and Asia. It’s a simple choice.”

One water will be seen in Woolworths supermarkets, on certain university campuses across Australia and through PFD Food Services from next month.

The product was first launched in the UK in 2005 and is gradually going global with launches in the US and Australia this year following their entry into Ireland.