Australian company to allow consumers to trace product from “soil to shelf”

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 6th March 2009

In what jam producer Beerenberg believes to be a world first, the Australian company has managed to create a system to inform customers of where the exact product they purchased came from, what date it was made and who made it.

From this week Beerenberg customers will be able to find out these details via their new web-based ‘Provenance Pathway’.

The Provenance Pathway – a feature of Beerenberg’s recently re-launched website – allows consumers to enter the barcode from their Beerenberg jar to find out further information about the product including a map of where the ingredients were grown, the date the product was made and even the name of the cook.

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The decision to introduce the system was made in response to a growing consumer desire for product and brand authenticity in an increasingly global marketplace. Consumers are also questioning the source of the ingredients – spurred by health and safety concerns as well as a reported growing demand for local food.

“People ask more questions now before they make decisions about what they will buy,” the company noted on their website. “They want to know where it comes from, what’s in it, who’s involved in making it and how it was produced. This is an opportunity for companies like ours. Consumers buy our range because they want the home-grown, traditional values our products offer. Once somewhat unfashionable, our brand attributes today are a distinct advantage because people are now looking for a more personal touch in an increasingly disconnected world.”