Inadequate diets can lead to increased risk of developing illnesses

Posted by Janice Wong on 3rd June 2009

Country Life Bakery has reported that Australians with inadequate diets are placing themselves at an increased risk of developing illnesses such as colds and influenza. The company has launched a campaign to help educate Australians about the need for a balanced diet for a healthy immune system and overall well-being.

The Winter Wellness Campaign focuses on carbohydrates, and discourages diets low in wholegrain carbohydrates, which “does not fully support the immune system”, says Country Life Bakery.

Kathleen Alleaume, spokesperson for the Winter Wellness program says there is a common misconception that carbohydrates should be cut from the diet, and not all carbohydrates are ‘bad’.

“Good carbohydrates, found in natural foods including whole grains, raw fruits and vegetables are rich in fibre and provide slow-burning energy over longer periods of time, providing you with a constant source of energy,” she said.

Country Life Bakery’s wheat reduced range has the essential nutrients, fibre and sustainable energy without a wheat-heavy diet.

Bread Shelves

“Eliminating heavily refined foods, such as cakes and savoury biscuits from your diet helps your body to function optimally – assisting your digestive system to efficiently absorb essential vitamins and minerals, and with a decreased chance of experiencing symptoms such as bloating, gas and diet-destroying cravings,” Ms Alleaume said.

“The nutrition found in whole grains includes phytonutrients which are naturally-occurring, as well as antioxidants, which are found in much higher quantities in rye-based breads than wheat-based breads. These ingredients help fight free radicals, providing added protection against common winter illnesses such as colds and flu,” she concluded.