New snack for time-poor gamers, minus grease and crumbs

Posted by Janice Wong on 5th June 2009

Biosilo Foods, an American company focussed on innovation in the food and beverage industry, has developed a snack called Gamer GrubTM, designed for “hungry gamers” who want to continue playing games while consuming snacks.

Released last year, the product is on display at this year’s E3 Expo – world trade show for computer and video games, held this week in Los Angeles.

Gamer Grub is designed to give gamers the opportunity to think faster and win more. The company says it is “formulated to boost your brain and speed reaction times for maximum gaming performance”.

Keith Mullin, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Biosilo Foods says “The form and function of Gamer Grub enables efficient, performance-based nourishment for all gamers-from Casual Gamers to Core Gamers.”

“Functional foods have proliferated the food market for many years, but none truly focussed on gaming. As the first cognitive performance snack food for the gaming industry, Gamer Grub allows gamers to consume healthy, game enhancing snacks, without greasy fingers or keyboard crumbs that are inherent in most gaming foods, such as pizza and chips,” he said.

Gamer Grub is currently offered in four tasty flavours: Action Pizza, Sports PB&J, Racing Wasabi and Strategy Chocolate, and is available online and at select retail stores in the US. The company has no current plans to release the product in Australia.