Consumer demand for cage-free eggs sees Woolworths reduce brands

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 14th August 2009

Demand for caged eggs is waning and Australia’s largest supermarket chain is reportedly planning to cut the number of brands in the category as a result.

Woolworths has denied reports they will rid their stores of all caged eggs, but they will separate their eggs more clearly, reduce the number of caged brands and phase out their own Woolworths Select caged egg brand that accounts for around 5 per cent of sales.

”We are about to change the layout of how we display eggs, so we’re actually laying them out by farming method to make it easier for customers to choose,” Woolworths spokeswoman Clare Buchanan told The Age.

Caged egg sales at the chain are down 5 per cent this year on last and the decision by Woolworths will speed up the shift toward cage free alternatives.

“We’re not stopping selling caged eggs. But customer demand is moving in that direction. So there’s been growth in barn-laid and free-range and a decline in sales of caged eggs. What I guess we’re trying to do is give that a bit of extra momentum,” she advised.