Australian shoppers keen to fill trolleys with home-grown produce

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 25th August 2009

Food lovers around the nation are confident that Australian grown food is best, according to new research by craft beer specialist James Squire.

The consumer study discovered that around 84% of Australian shoppers would rather purchase locally sourced produce because they believe it tastes better.

An identical 84% consider the origin of their groceries before committing to a purchase and four out of five (80%) specifically seek out Australian-grown produce when they are trawling supermarket shelves, James Squire advised.

At a regional level, Tasmanians are the most likely to consider the supply chain when purchasing groceries, with 93 per cent indicating they regularly take into account where their food is coming from. South Australians, on the other hand, were the least likely to give it a second thought (82%).

The local food mantra goes beyond mere thoughts and considerations, however, with more than half of Australian consumers actually prepared to pay up to 20% more for good quality, local produce, according to the research. And at least 18% of Australians would consider paying up to half as much again, while a small percentage (7%) would be prepared to pay 50% or more for better quality, locally grown food.