Coconut water – the next health craze?

Posted by Josette Dunn on 10th February 2010

PepsiCo has announced their latest product offering, new Naked Coconut Water.   Launched under their Naked Juice label, the only ingredient in this new product is 100 percent coconut water.

This 100 percent coconut water is all-natural, fat free, cholesterol free and gluten free. As with all Naked Juice products, Naked Coconut Water contains no added sugars or preservatives. At 60 calories per package, and high in potassium, calcium and magnesium, Naked Coconut Water is being marketed towards health conscious and sporty customers.

The company enthuses ‘Naked Coconut Water helps power up your day with a refreshing beverage that helps you regain the electrolytes life takes out. Naked Coconut Water is a good source of potassium and low sodium so it is heart healthy too.’

PepsiCo are not the first to sell coconut water,  with brands such as ZICO, Celebes, Vita Coco, Sunny Day and others also offering coconut water beverages.  Naked Juice is arguably the most well known brand to offer coconut water, indicating that the popularity of this drink is on the rise.

With consumers quick to get on board new ‘superfoods’ such as goji berries and quinoa, it looks like coconut water may be the next must-have health fix.