New metric measures brand trust

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 23rd February 2010

New consumer research released today by Millward brown, using the ‘TrustR’ metric, named Cadbury Dairy Milk as Australia’s third most trusted brand, after Colgate and Nokia. Nescafé came in fifth, Coca-Cola’s Mount Franklin at seventh, and Woolworth’s/Safeway in the tenth place.

The metric measures consumer responses to the question “How trustworthy is this brand?” and “Would you recommend this brand?” The scores are indexed and combined to generate the TrustR score. The average score is 100, with any score over 105 being good.

On recommendation alone, Lindt topped the list, with Moccona also receiving an honourable mention.

“Interestingly, eight of the Australian TrustR Top 10 brands are global brands, while Mt Franklin and Woolworths/Safeway are local brands that have successfully built a strong connection with local consumers,” said Daren Poole, Millward Brown’s Chief Client Officer.

Top brands by combined TrustR score

Rank Brand TrustR Score
1 Colgate 126
2 Nokia 118
3 Cadbury Dairy Milk 116
4 Visa 116
5 Nescafé 116
6 Toyota 115
7 Mt Franklin 114
8 Olay 114
9 Vaseline Intensive Care 112
10 Woolworths/Safeway 111