Eagle Boys bring back the prawn

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 20th April 2010

Steak and Prawn PizzaEagle Boys Pizza has announced three new pizzas – Garlic Prawn, Steak & Prawn and Prawn & Avocado – as part of a “mission to restore Australians’ love of seafood on pizza”, looking to court “jaded pizza lovers, tired of fake-looking, shrivelled ‘prawns’.”

Eagle Boys CEO Todd Clayton said while Australians had a close affinity with the sea and loved seafood, many pizza makers failed to deliver a good seafood pizza.  The new toppings at Eagle Boys “look like prawns and taste like prawns,” he said.  The prawns will be sourced by local suppliers from overseas.

“We started the wave of change a few years ago by working with top seafood suppliers to ensure we were getting fresh prawns. The seachange has continued as we’ve been working hard in the kitchen developing new pizza toppings.”

Clayton says that while Australian consumers enjoy gourmet pizza, they don’t want to pay more for their meal, and that the new pizzas will offer gourmet quality without a $20 pricetag.

The new pizzas will retail from $8.95 depending on store location