RSPCA Australia Good Egg Awards

Posted by Josette Dunn on 21st June 2010

Nominations are now open for the RSPCA Australia Good Egg Awards, a national program that recognises major companies that make the switch to non-cage eggs.The Good Egg Award began in the UK, with international award winners including McDonalds UK, Subway, Microsoft, Google and Sainsburys supermarkets.

“We’re looking for big egg users that have made the switch or are intending to make the switch to using non-cage eggs and in doing so are showing great leadership in their industry and in the field of animal welfare,” said the RSPCA CEO Heather Neil.

“Hens in well managed barns or free-range systems live more natural lives than caged hens. They get the opportunity to scratch in the dirt, forage for food, perch, dust bathe, stretch out and flap their wings and importantly, to lay their eggs in a nest.

“We know that the vast majority of Australians prefer to eat non-cage eggs and with shoppers becoming even more discerning about animal welfare, making the switch is simply giving customers what they want.

“International winners tell us that receiving a Good Egg Award and helping to get hens out of cages has made good business sense. It has also boosted staff morale, improved brand image and reputation, and benefited their bottom line.”

To be eligible to apply you need to be:

1. a medium to large-scale organisation operating in Australia;

2. in the food service, hospitality, manufacturing, supermarket or government sector; and

3. be sourcing non-cage whole eggs or egg product already OR you are committing to move in this direction by 2012.

If you are a retailer you may receive a commendation if your own house-brands make the move to cage-free by 2012.

The RSPCA Good Egg Awards are an opportunity for your organisation to make a positive impact on animal welfare and help set the standard for others.

Contact Hope Bertram for more information 02 6282 8300,