Farm Pride releases powdered whole eggs

Posted by Josette Dunn on 26th July 2010

In an Australian first, Farm Pride has launched Powdered Whole Eggs onto Australian supermarket shelves.  The 150 gram packs are equivalent to a dozen eggs, and are now located in the baking aisle of all Coles stores nationally.
With a long shelf life, Farm Pride’s Powdered Whole Eggs can be used in any recipe requiring fresh eggs including cakes and biscuits, pies and quiches, pasta, even omelettes and scrambled eggs.
Since Farm Pride Powdered Whole Eggs have been pasteurised, they are shelf stable and can be used in place of fresh egg and used immediately.  To reconstitute one egg, just add a tablespoon of Farm Pride’s Powdered Whole Eggs with three tablespoons of water.
The powdered whole eggs can also be used as a protein supplement in drinks such as shakes and smoothies.  Plus, the long storage life of Farm Pride’s Powdered Whole Eggs makes them convenient for outdoor activities such as camping.
Previously, Farm Pride’s Powdered Whole Eggs have been available exclusively to food manufacturers and food service customers, but this handy product is now available for every Australian household pantry.
Farm Pride managing director, Zelko Lendich, said the home has once again become the central hub for daily living and release of Powdered Whole Eggs into Coles supermarkets has been driven in part by the popularity of television shows such as Masterchef.
“Consumers are dining at home and entertaining at home, and the home cook is now experimenting with their cooking repertoire,” he said.
“These same consumers however are increasingly time poor, so providing a convenient alternative to their baking and cooking needs has driven the launch of the Farm Pride Whole Powdered Eggs.”
Look for Farm Pride’s Powdered Whole Eggs on your Coles supermarket shelves now, for RRP $5.99.