Coles announces second Green Bag collection

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 12th August 2010

Due to the success of this year’s Coles Bag Drive, held in June, Coles has announced a second drive in September to collect unwanted reusable polypropylene ‘green bags’, to be recycled into outdoor furniture and donated to primary schools.

Coles said the response to the inaugural drive was ‘overwhelming’, collecting over 37,000 bags nationwide – equivalent to around 7,800 cubic metres of landfill. Non-woven polypropylene bags are recyclable, but not biodegradable.

Coles Operations Director, Stuart Machin, congratulated customers on the result and encouraged them to continue their commitment to using and recycling reusable bags.

“The first Coles Bag Drive was extremely well received by customers and participating schools, and we’re looking forward to collecting thousands of bags again during our second bag drive in September,” Machin said. “As we continue to find practical ways to ensure these bags don’t find their way into landfill, customers can continue enjoying our range of reusable bag options knowing we have considered their end-of-life,” Mr Machin added.

The drive will be held in conjunction with RED (Recycling + Education = the Difference), an Australian school and community recycling education initiative, and Replas, a Victorian company that converts waste plastics to high-quality new products such as sturdy outdoor furniture, bollards, jetty planking and signage.

Together, the two companies combined their resources to help Coles launch its first reusable bag drive, a closed-loop solution where green shopping bags that are no longer useful are not sent to landfill, but become a resource for the manufacture of new products.

Customers will be encouraged to bring their old or unwanted reusable bags to their local Coles supermarket between 16 September and 14 October.

Any colour of bag is welcome.