7-Eleven announces $5 bike helmet sales in Melbourne

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 19th October 2010

Convenience chain 7-Eleven has announced it will support a Melbourne CBD bike share environmental initiative, by stocking new Australian safety standard-approved helmets for just $5.

Thirty 7-Eleven stores, each located in close proximity to Melbourne Bike Share stations, are making helmets available to the public, making it easier for people to take part in Melbourne’s first bike share scheme.

Julie Laycock, 7-Eleven Head of Marketing, said the partnership reflected 7-Eleven’s reputation of being at the forefront of convenience.

“7-Eleven makes every effort to stock what you want, where and when you want it. Just as you might pick up your bottle of water, sunscreen and snacks for your picnic, now you can pick up a helmet for a bike ride along some of Melbourne’s scenic parks,” she said.

“The general response to the bike share program has been positive and we’re really looking forward to facilitating use by making helmets freely available at a reasonable cost.

“This partnership between 7-Eleven, RACV and Alta Bicycle Share is a logical one and we’re delighted to be participating in this exciting project,” Julie said.

To make the bike share program an even more attractive proposition, 7-Eleven is also
facilitating a $3 refund to anyone returning their used helmets to its stores for recycling once they’ve finished riding.

The Melbourne Bike Share launched on May 31, 2010, and was set up with 10 stations hosting 100 bikes. The system is similar to those operating in Paris, Lyon, Montreal, Nice and Barcelona where an extensive urban network of lowcost bikes are on offer for the public to use on short trips. For a trial period, helmets are also available for sale at $5 from vending machines at Southern Cross Station and Melbourne University bike stations.