IGA Community Chest tops $54 million

Posted by Josette Dunn on 15th December 2010

IGA supermarkets in Victoria have raised $4,999,590 in funds this year through its IGA Community Chest and
associated programs.  These much needed funds will benefit three charities, not-for-profit organisations and
community groups throughout the state.

The three major beneficiaries are Country Fire Authority, Run For The Kids and the Reach Foundation.

This year also saw the IGA Community Chest and associated programs reach an impressive $8,108,412.92 million in
funds raised through IGA stores across Australia, with Victoria alone raising over half this amount. Over the last eight
years these funds have been distributed to more than 7,000 schools, community groups, charities, sports clubs and
other local organisations throughout Australia.

Commenting on the success of the program in Victoria, Mick Daly from IGA said: “We are extremely proud to have
reached over $54 million dollars this year and to have given another record donation back to the community.
Victorian stores alone raised over half the total funds for the year, and we are really pleased to be able to continue
to provide critical donations to charities, not-for-profit organisations and community groups throughout the state.

“On behalf of IGA and all the local charities and community organisations involved, these generous donations are
possible because of the support from our customers. By shopping at our IGA supermarkets our customers have
helped all of our stores help the local community and we thank them for assisting us in achieving this milestone.

“The IGA Community Chest is an integral part of the philosophy and values on which IGA supermarkets operate and
we are passionate about making a difference. The funds are raised in each store locally and then spent locally with
beneficiaries decided by local store owners and customers throughout the year,” Mick concluded.