Chinese slimming chocolate proves dangerous New Year’s resolution

Posted by Josette Dunn on 10th January 2011

The New Year often brings with it a rush of resolve to shape up for summer, but consumers are being urged not to fall for imported slimming coffee, tea and chocolate from China that could do them more harm than good, NSW Primary Industries Minister Steve Whan said today.”Everyone is full of good intentions as the year begins but generally if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” said Mr Whan.

“The NSW Food Authority has recently seized a number of products marketed and labelled as ‘slimming foods’ after they were found to have contained sibutramine, a prescription medication not permitted in foods.

Sibutramine has been withdrawn from sale in Australia due to concerns regarding the safety of the drug.  It was found that there were higher rates of cardiovascular issues such as heart attack or strokes in overweight patients using sibutramine, and that it could also interact negatively with many commonly prescribed medications.

The Authority has seized approximately 15,000 units of slimming foods over recent months and they are continuing to investigate these slimming products to ensure they comply with the standards required and don’t put consumers’ health at risk.

The products include specific batches of:

* Leptin Green Coffee 800 (imported by Bruce Imports Pty Limited)
* Leptin Rose Curve Slimming Coffee
* Lose Weight Coffee
* MyLeptin Weight Loss Chocolate
* Moti Angel Coffee
* Weight and Blood Fat Reducing Coffee
* Coffee Fast
* MyLeptin Weight Loss Jelly
* Sumabe Acai Berry Coffee for Slimmers
“Due to concerns of a risk to public health the importers of these products recalled affected batches,” Mr Whan said.

NSW Acting Chief Health Officer, Dr Greg Sewart said the most effective way to lose weight is to change your diet and increase your level of physical activity.

“A number of resources are available for anyone wishing to lose weight, including the NSW Get Healthy Infromation and Coaching Service which is staffed by University qualified health professionals, such as dieticians, exercise physiologists, psychologists and nurses,” Dr Stewart said.

People can reach the Get Healthy Service by calling 1300 806 258, Monday to Friday (8am-8pm) or by visiting the website

Consumers who may have purchased any of the products are advised to return it to the place of purchase or dispose of the product.