Lowered salt version of HP Sauce causes anger in UK, so what’s the story in Australia?

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 13th September 2011

Change made by food giant Heinz to the ingredients of its HP Sauce in the UK is reported to be causing uproar amongst fans of the sauce living in the UK. However, according to Heinz Australia, not a single complaint had been received in Australia, where the sauce is also popular, before today’s report.

Heinz was directed by the UK government to lower the salt content of HP Sauce under a new health initiative. The salt level in the sauce has been reduced from 2.1g per 100g to 1.3g per 100g.

In Australia, the reformulation of foods to reduce salt content is also a big item on government food policy agendas. Australian Food News has recently reported on calls for the Federal Government to take tougher action on reformulating products to reduce salt, as well as an ongoing debate on how salt content be declared on food product packaging.

British media today reported uproar amongst fans of HP Sauce, including celebrity chef Marco Pierre White, who declared the sauce no longer tastes the same and had adversely affected his perception of the underlying food being eaten with the HP Sauce.

HP Sauce is imported into Australia from the UK. However, despite the UK reaction, Heinz Australia told Australian Food News today that Heinz Australia had not, until now, received a single complaint over the change.

Heinz Australia’s Corporate Affairs Manager, Jessica Ramsden told Australian Food News, “In line with changes in consumer tastes, we have long been committed to reducing added salt in recipes to meet voluntary targets with support from consumer health campaigners. Rigorous consumer tests confirmed there was no significant difference in flavour between the old and new recipes. HP Sauce still tastes great!”