Heinz stays schtum over Vegemite Baked Beanz rumour

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 5th October 2011

VegemiteFood manufacturing giant Heinz Australia is keeping its lips sealed over a rumour that it plans to introduce a Vegemite-flavoured baked beans product to its Baked Beanz range.

Heinz Australia already manufactures its canned baked beans in a variety of flavours including Ham Sauce, Barbecue Sauce, Mild Curry Sauce and Sweet Chilli Sauce. However, Heinz Australia told Australian Food News today that it was unable to either confirm or deny the Vegemite rumour.

The company’s Corporate Affairs Manager, Jessica Ramsden said, “We’re always looking for innovative ways to reward our loyal consumers and would love to hear from consumers with any ideas, including for new flavours.”

For non-Australians, Vegemite can be described as a blackish-coloured, salt-laden, vitamin-rich yeast extract with a taste unique to the wants of the Australian palate. It is used as a spread for butter-laden sandwiches, butter-soaked toast, and cracker biscuits.

Some British visitors claim it resembles Marmite but the average Australian can see no resemblance or any other comparison with the “sweeter” Marmite products. Made from used brewers’ yeast extract, Vegemite also has the provenance of Australia’s great beer brewing tradition.

Food manufacturer Kraft Foods Australia, which owns the Vegemite brand, told Australian Food News it could not comment on the rumour.

Australians claim to love the uniqueness of their “original Vegemite”. Previous attempts at brand extension, such as a cheese-based spread, have attracted public ire. The producer of any product bearing the Vegemite brand will need fortified courage as much Vegemite-fortified beans.