Chickens seized by Victorian government on welfare grounds

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 6th February 2012

The Victorian Department of Primary Industries (DPI) this week announced its seizure of over 700,000 chickens to safeguard their welfare at six broiler farms located in Northern Victoria, South West Victoria and West Gippsland.

According to the DPI, the Melbourne-based company, Tip-Top Poultry, appeared to be failing to feed its chickens. It was believed the company had been experiencing a severe financial crisis and was no longer able to sufficiently afford to feed its livestock.

Dr Hugh Millar, Executive Director of Bio-Security in Victoria’s DPI, said the DPI had contracted the services of another company to manage the company of the seized chickens. He added, “The chickens are now being fed and properly cared for. They will eventually be processed for commercial sale once they have reached the appropriate size and condition”.

Dr Millar added that the animals were disease-free and that the seizure had no relation to the recent outbreak of influenza disease in poultry flocks.