Australian beef and lamb global marketing strategies pondered

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 21st March 2012

Representatives from all sectors of Australia’s cattle and sheep industries are meeting in Sydney this week to set the strategy and budget allocations for Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) global marketing programs for the year ahead.

MLA is responsible for providing marketing services to over 47,000 cattle, sheep and goat producer members and the broader red meat industry in Australia.

For each of Australia’s major beef and sheep meat markets there is a dedicated industry taskforce committee which directs MLA’s marketing budgets and activities.

MLA’s Managing Director, Scott Hansen said, “The annual marketing taskforce meetings are the time for peak councils and industry representatives to meet and discuss how they want their marketing levies invested for maximum benefit to producers and the broader industry.”

Mr Hansen said, “This year’s industry taskforce committees will discuss key issues, one being market access, especially in relation to Japan and Korea, where Australian product is under sustained competitive pressure from the US.”

Generally good seasons in 2011 have resulted in reduced grass-fed levy income. Therefore a lower grass-fed beef 2012 marketing budget is available.

Mr Hansen added, “The committees will discuss the support MLA can provide to further diversify Australia’s market base by increasing marketing levy investments into programs in emerging markets including the Middle East, South East Asia and Russia.

“For lamb and sheep meat, the strategy will focus on meeting the challenge of maintaining both supply and customers as heavy competition between the domestic, US, Middle East markets for Australian product is expected to continue,” he added.

The marketing taskforce meetings will be held for Japan, Korea, North America, Australia, Europe and Russia, South East Asia and the Middle East and North Africa.