Chinese travel boom to Australasia opens opportunities in food

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 17th July 2012

Australasia was the most visited region worldwide for Chinese middle class consumers. A new report from Mintel reveals that 40% of all the Chinese middle class population holidayed in Australasia in 2011.  Of the holiday travellers 35% of the holiday travellers chose Australia, making it the most popular destination within the Asian-Pacific region.

Package tours were the most popular means of travelling in 2011.  About one third or 30% of the Chinese travellers opted for a package tour for comfort and economy.  However, the concept of “Independent” holiday is growing in popularity with the Chinese middle class, with almost 17% of the Chinese travellers holidayed independently.

There are several reasons for Australia growing popular as a travel destination for the Chinese travellers.  Firstly, the flying times and costs are significantly less than that of travelling to Europe or the United States. Also the variety of activities catering to tourists with varied priorities, availability of luxury brands and casinos and ease of using credit cards are some other reasons.

Aside from benefits for the Australian tourism industry, there are numerous opportunities for Australian food growers, suppliers, manufacturers and retailers to take advantage of Australia’s growing popularity with Chinese tourists.