Kraft Foods Australia extends belVita breakfast biscuit flavour range

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 11th September 2012

Kraft Foods Australia has been pleased with the market take up of  its belVita Breakfast biscuits.  Launched in March 2012, research conducted in June 2012 by AC Nielsen Homescan showed market penetration of 10.9% (or more than one in ten) Australian households having tried the product.

Following on from this success, Kraft Foods Australia is introducing a new flavour to extend this biscuit range, which is specially designed for breakfast, to include a new Honey & Nut with choc chips flavour.

The product blends roasted hazelnuts with light oat flakes, with a nutty crunch combined with a combination of honey and dark choc chips.

The product is being promoted by Kraft with a message of it being able to provide a sustained release of carbohydrates (energy) over four hours, so that there is no need “to get to the nearest vending machine, cafe or pantry for a mid-morning pick-me-up”.

As with the other belVita Breakfast biscuits, the Honey & Nut with choc chips flavour product is said to be “made with five wholegrains”,  “ rich in cereals”, a “source of fibre” and “low in GI”.

The GI values of belVita Breakfast are described as 45 (Milk & Cereals), 47 (Fruit & Fibre), 54 (Crunchy Oats), 46 (Honey & Nut with choc chips).

Kraft Foods “recommends eating belVita Breakfast biscuits as a part of a balanced breakfast, with a serving of fruit and a serving of dairy, like a low fat latte or yoghurt”.

The promotion quotes Melanie McGrice, a leading dietitian,  saying:

“Starting your day with a healthy, balanced and low GI breakfast is fundamental to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. belVita Breakfast biscuits, eaten with a serving of dairy and fruit, will provide you with a nutritionally complete low GI meal that will slowly release energy during the morning, rather than all at once, leaving you hungry again.”

“Any specially-formulated breakfast product that is convenient and makes it easier for people with busy lifestyles to eat breakfast more often can only be good news” .

For very physically active folk, the Kraft message is that belVita Breakfast biscuits are an ideal snack before or after training.

The belVita Breakfast Honey & Nut with choc chips is sold in a 300g box for RRP $3.99. Each box contains six individually-wrapped portions of four biscuits.

The new flavour will appear in Supermarkets across Australia from this week and located in the biscuit aisle alongside other belVita Breakfast varieties.