Kellogg’s challenges The Parents Jury’s “fame and shame” awards for children’s advertising

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 26th November 2012

Kellogg’s, which was awarded a ‘fame and shame’  award for its LCM bars last week, has hit back at The Parents Jury, accusing the group of being “anti-treats.”

The Parents Jury is an online group of parents who wish to improve food and physical activity environments for children in Australia. The Parents Jury is supported: by the Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society; Diabetes Australia –Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia; The Cancer Council Australia and its member bodies; and VicHealth.

The ‘fame and shame’ awards held by The Parents Jury on Thursday were hosted by the Cancer Council NSW to create awareness of food companies targeting children with unhealthy marketing campaigns.

Kellogg’s LCM bars were said to have been ‘shamed’ for encouraging “pester power” in the LCM bar television commercial. Hungry Jack’s and Chupa Chups were each ‘shamed’ for smart phone applications that used games to promote “unhealthy food to children.”

Hungry Jacks responded that its app was not targeted at children as “children are not part of the Hungry Jacks core audience.” According to Hungry Jacks, its app includes a nutrition calculator so that “consumers can make more informed choices about what they eat.”

Campaigns Manager for The Parents’ Jury Corrina Langelaan defended the awards saying that tech savvy children are “no less vulnerable to sophisticated marketing techniques.”

The Parents Jury “Fame and Shame” award nominees and recipients list for 2012:

Pester Power award: “Awarded to the food marketing campaign that uses techniques which appeal to children, leading to them nagging their parents for unhealthy foods.”

  • Winner: Kellogg’s LCM Bar

Other nominees:

  • Oreo cookies
  • Nutella
  • KFC
  • McDonald’s Staying Up Late
  • McDonald’s and Coca Cola glasses
  • Hungry Jack’s and Happy Feet
  • Cadbury Joyville
  • McDonald’s Happy Meal

Parents Choice Award: “Congratulates the food marketing campaign that promotes healthy eating to children in a fun and appealing way.”

  • Winner: Aussie Bananas

Runners up:

  • Gutsy Challenge
  • Mandarins

Digital Ninja Award: “Given to the brand which has used digital media in the most obvious way to target children, gaining their attention; driving active participation in the brand and encouraging pester power.”

  • Winner: Chupa Chups Lol a Coaster

Other nominees:

  • Slurpee
  • Flavor Grab
  • Hungry Jack’s Makes It Better
  • Fanta Playzone
  • Yo Gorilla