Mrs Babe brings home the bacon

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 5th February 2013

A Queensland piggery that released around 4,000 sows due to waters from the Burnett River in north Queensland flooding has since been rewarded with loyalty from its pigs.

The manager of the piggery in Mundubbera, west of Bundaberg, told ABC Radio National today that the majority of sows had found their way back to the operation, many walking back into their homely captivity with new piglets.

Piggery shareholder Russell Bishop said that many of the pregnant sows had found higher ground and the sows were returning their piglets to the piggery operation.

The return of the sows, together with the baby bonus bacon, was totally unexpected.

The managers of the piggery business had earlier feared significant losses after all the pigs were released from the premises during the heavy flooding of the Burnett Highway.