US survey ratings for different types of ice cream

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 12th August 2013

Vanilla ice cream was the most popular among US consumers for a second year in a row, according to the results of a survey conducted by the International Ice Cream Association (IICA). Premium ice cream was also a top seller, while frozen yoghurts saw a steady increase in demand.
The data, which was the result of a survey of IICA member companies, showed that the top three flavours were vanilla, chocolate and butter pecan. Coffee flavour, Neapolitan and Rocky Road tied for fourth place.

“From the rich, creaminess of a scoop of vanilla-bean premium ice cream to the convenience of a perfectly portion-controlled ice cream confection, our member companies are making a wide-range of flavours and product types that allow consumers to choose the treat that appeals to them,” said Peggy Armstrong, Vice President of Communications for the International Dairy Foods Assocation, of which the IICA is a constituent organisation. “Ice cream is a fun and nutritious food that fits into almost every lifestyle,” she said.

Premium ice cream most popular
Premium ice cream, which has a lower amount of aeration and a higher fat content than regular ice cream, was the most popular variety with consumers, according to the survey.

Nearly 70 per cent of companies cited premium ice cream as the most popular product, followed by regular ice cream (which contains at least 10 per cent milk fat), and novelties. Novelties are defined as separately packaged single servings of a frozen dessert, such as ice cream sandwiches and fudge sticks.

Frozen yoghurt demand growing

The survey results also showed an increased demand for frozen yoghurt. Approximately 50 per cent of companies said they saw an increased demand, and nearly 15 per cent reported an increased demand for no-sugar-added ice cream.

Additions to ice cream

In addition to flavours, the survey also asked about popular additions to ice cream, such as fruits, nuts, candies and other ingredients. The majority of companies said that pecans were the most popular nut, followed by almonds and peanuts.

More than 85 per cent of companies said that strawberry was the most popular fruit topping. Cherry came in second, according to the IICA.

Among companies offering novelties, the ice cream sandwich and ice-cream-on-a-stick tied as the most popular, according to the IICA.

Bars, push-ups, four-ounce tubes and mini-cups were also popular products, according to the survey. For companies with dipping locations, it did not matter how the products were served. Cups, sugar cones and waffle cones were all popular. Hot fudge, sprinkles and nuts proved to be the most popular toppings.

Vanilla Ice Cream most popular flavour in US