Dare iced coffee launches ready-to-drink cold-pressed coffee in Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 16th September 2013

Food and beverage manufacturer Lion has launched a new product in its DARE range, DARE Cold Pressed Coffee.
The Company said DARE Cold Pressed Coffee will bring the cold press coffee process “from boutique cafes to the mainstream”. The blend of cold pressed coffee with premium Arabica coffee will launch into convenience and grocery in September 2013.

“DARE Cold Pressed Coffee is creating an entirely new segment within the dairy beverage category,” said Nicholas Bartram, Brand Manager for DARE. “DARE Cold Pressed Coffee provides an opportunity for convenience and grocery retailers to capture a drinking occasion for 25 to 35 year old urban professionals, who are currently going to cafes rather than to their chilled dairy sections,” he said.

Cold pressed coffee has a less bitter taste than espresso coffee, and can be served cold.

“Cold pressed coffee is a leading-edge café trend we’ve seen arrive in Australia over the past few summers, and we’re excited to be seeing this trend now reach a wider audience,” said Salvatore Malatesta, owner of St Ali coffee roasters. “While it may not replace the morning hot coffee ritual entirely, it is a refreshing change for the second or third coffee of the day, particularly for the corporate sector and office workers,” he said.

DARE is also set to release ‘Classic Full Bodied’ in October 2013, which it said will be a “rich and intense blend ahead of summer”.

The product will be made with fresh milk and served in a 320ml bronze metal finish bottle, RRP $3.49 for grocery and convenience and $3.99 for coffee trade.

Dare Cold Pressed Coffee