New organic fermented soft drink launched in Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 2nd December 2013

German beverage manufacturer Bionade has launched its range of certified organic fermented soft drinks in Australia.

Created by a Bavarian beer brewer named Dieter Leipold, the Bionade (pronounced Bee-oh-nah-deh) beverages are brewed in the same way to beer, but without the alcohol content. Bionade comes in four flavours: Ginger and Orange, Lychee, Elderberry, and Herbs.

The Company said its beverages are a “healthier alternative to soft drinks”. Certified organic in both raw ingredients and production, Bionade said its beverages range contains “no added sugar, is free from preservatives, colourants and artificial flavours, is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is gluten-free”. The Company said the Bionade beverage range is “low in sodium and phosphorus free”.

The drinks will be distributed in Australia by Drinks Beverage Logistics Pty Ltd, and can be purchased at cafes, health food stores and online for RRP $4.

The Bionade fermented soft drink range