Simplot to launch new John West tuna and rice range

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 20th January 2014
The new John West Tuna and Rice, in Savoury Tomato and Onion flavour

Food processor Simplot will launch a new John West Tuna and Rice range on 20 January 2014.

Simplot said the new product will give consumers a ‘healthy’ ‘on-the-go’ meal solution, including tuna and rice that can be heated and ready to serve in just 45 seconds. The meal components are packed separately in microwavable tubs, which Simplot said offered consumers “complete control” of how hot each part of the meal is.

The range includes flavours such as ‘Chilli and Tomato’, ‘Thai Green Curry’ and ‘Savoury Tomato and Onion’ mixed with finely diced vegetables and sauce.

Simplot said the new John West range was designed for those with busy lifestyles, particularly workers who were “seeking a healthy and convenient lunch or snacking option”.

“Tuna and Rice is the perfect meal solution,” said Stuart Sterling, Group Marketing Manager Shelf Stable Simplot Australia. “It’s nutritious but incredibly easy to prepare. It’s the ultimate power lunch and the carbohydrates offer extra sustenance while the protein keeps consumers satisfied for longer,” he said.

“Our research showed that consumers loved the convenience and health benefits of tuna, but struggled with ways to consume it outside of the typical tuna sandwich for lunch,” Mr Sterling said.

The new John West Tuna and Rice range will be available in Coles and Woolworths supermarkets, as well as independent retailers from 20 January 2014 for RRP $3.99.