Neptune Bio-Innovations launches ‘zero fat replacement system’ for food manufacturing

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 30th April 2014
The new NepTrim is a good butter replacement in baked goods

Australian food ingredients research and development company Neptune Bio-Innovations has launched a ‘zero fat replacement system’ called NepTrim for use in food manufacturing.

Neptune Bio-Innovations said NepTrim was a “versatile” fat replacement system designed to partially replace fat and reduce calories in food products, particularly baked goods. The Company said NepTrim “provides excellent structuring properties while maintaining taste, texture, appearance and overall finished product acceptability”.

According to Neptune Bio-Innovations, NepTrim is suitable for baked goods as a replacement for butter, margarine or shortenings, and that the product “reduces calories, saturated fat levels and increases fibre content”.

Neptune Bio-Innovations said the product’s best known application is in shortenings. The Company said its newly designed, Ezi-Trim Multi-Purpose Shortening “reduces up to 35 per cent fat and reduces up to 32 per cent of calories” compared to the standard shortening. The product was developed to meet the needs of commercial bakers who wished to trim fat and calories from their baked goods. According to Neptune Bio-Innovations, products utilising the Ezi-Trim provide “cleaner mouthfeel and satisfy consumers’ urges to indulge without compromising taste or texture”.

Neptune Bio-Innovations said it had also developed several fat replacement systems to cater for the different needs of food manufacturers such as Palm–Laminating Shortening, Canola Oil Tortilla Shortening, NepTrim C (no added sodium) and NepTrim B (added protein and fibre).

The full range of Neptune Bio-Innovations’ products, which includes Lo-Sal 50, Sweetin and NepTrim, are now Halal and Kosher accredited.

“The objective of the Halal and Kosher certifications not only to meet the demand of consumers but also align with our Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to provide the highest quality foods to consumers,” said Dr Vijaya Rajendram, CEO of Neptune Bio-Innovations.