Paul Newman’s Own extends its salad dressing range

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 14th September 2016

Paul Newman’s Own has released two new salad dressings for summer, Zesty Italian and Coleslaw.

The Zesty Italian dressing combines Mediterranean flavours and is ideal for green leaf, tomato, onion and vegetable based salads.

The Coleslaw option can be used to make Coleslaw or to flavour other foods such as pulled pork or chicken paninis.

All profits from Paul Newman’s Own products go to charity. Paul Newman’s Own was established in 1983 by American actor, Paul Newman, who enjoyed making salad dressings as gifts. Today, a variety of salad dressings, mayonnaise and pasta sauces are produced and sold by Paul Newman’s Own.

The new Zesty Italian and Coleslaw dressings are available now in 250ml bottles at Woolworths supermarkets. The recommended retail price is AUD $4.40 for a single bottle.