Australian cereal manufacturer launches portion-sized packets of muesli

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 19th May 2014
The Muesli's portion-sized packaging

Australian breakfast food manufacturer The Muesli has launched a portion-sized range of muesli that contains fifty grams of breakfast cereal—or four dessert spoonfuls.

The Muesli founder Emma Dumas said she developed her range with a view to “help people rethink portion size, food labelling and nutrition”. She said increased obesity rates in Australia in the past few decades could be linked to an increase in meal sizes and the nutritional makeup of foods eaten.

The fifty grams contained in each pack of The Muesli is made up of a combination of oats, nuts, seeds and coconut, which the Company said “contains virtually no sugar” and “is all that’s needed to feel full and satisfied until lunchtime”.

“Most of the promises, ticks, logos, symbols, circles and flags that you find on the food you buy don’t give the real story and are often very misleading,” Ms Dumas said. “A portion size recommendation is required on all processed food packaging but as with the rest of food labelling it doesn’t necessarily mean that what you’re getting is actually doing you good,” she said.

“Then there’s the misconception that because breakfast is the most important meal of the day it needs to be the biggest,” Ms Dumas said. “The Muesli proves this is wrong – it’s real, natural, whole food with nutritional benefits in all the right areas,” she said.

The Muesli says daily recommended size was “based on a healthy balance of the right combination and amount of nutrients and dietary requirements to meet the needs of the individual”. The Company said its product was recommended for an “average” person. The Company said a larger male may need to eat more than 50 grams while a smaller female could eat less.

“The recommended serving size is a well founded guide in the case of The Muesli and 50 grams is certainly a perfect starting point for an individual to ascertain where to go to from there,” Ms Dumas said.

The Muesli is available in 50 gram sachet as well as other sizes. The Muesli is available in Classic and Gluten Free varieties at David Jones, Harris Farm Markets, select IGA Supermarkets, all quality fresh food grocers and health retailers as well as online. Prices range from RRP $15.50 to RRP $26.